Situated 1 Km south of the township of Walcha in NSW, on
the original location of explorer John Oxley's 1818 camp site.
Langford is a grand two story building constructed of locally
produced red brick, featuring 22 rooms and a five story central tower
overlooking the circular entrance driveway and extensive surrounding gardens.

Langford is part of the original villa wolka property, first settlement of the New England. The construction of Langford was commenced in April 1903 by contractor Mr W.M. Morris of Inverell, with the designs for the homestead being drawn up by Maitland architect Mr J.W. Scobie. The completion of Langford ready occupancy by the owner Mr W. Fletcher was announced in October 1904.

Although previously closed to the public, Langford is now undergoing restoration through the new ownership of Barry and Beverley Marshall, ready for a planned public unveiling in spring of 2008. At which time Langford will feature open house tours and heritage class accommodation service for small groups and individuals.

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